Entrée didy foitra (didy, foitra)
Partie du discours locution
Explications en malgache  [Rajemisa 1985] Fandidiana, eo am-pahaterahan' ny zaza, an' ilay tady nifandraisany tamin-dreniny nandritra ny mbola naha-tao ankibo azy
¶ Famorana, fora, fandidiam-poitra, fanikinan-jaza, hasoavana
Explications en anglais  [Richardson 1885 page 114] the cutting of the navel string of newly-born children; also used in speaking of circumcision when women are present
Explications en français  [Abinal 1888] circoncision
¶ action de couper le cordon ombilical
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